Finding Owl Pellets

I often scan the branches of large pines found in mostly deciduous forests to see if an owl is taking up roost. Even if an owl is not found one may find owl pellets and white washed branches that give away the usage of the site. The owl pellet or neat package of fur and bones are the indigestible leftovers of an owl’s recent meal. The powerful enzymes in the owls digestive system dissolve all of the digestible parts while the rest is regurgitated.

Owl Pellet Washed Flat by Rain

Looking closely at the contents of the pellet uncover a story about who’s eating who in the forest.

“Eyes on the side ready to hide, eyes in the front ready to hunt”

When owling its important to keep your distance so as to not disturb the site.Ā  If you happen to be visiting a site with high chance of finding an owl the best thing to do is remain as far back as possible using a spotting scope. You can put your camera up to the spotting scope lens for a photograph.Ā  You’ll have a much better look without causing them to fly off.

Looking at Barred Owl through Spotting Scope
Looking at Barred Owl through Spotting Scope

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