Conservation via Shooting Ranges in New Jersey: Improving Access for Hunters

I’ve been thinking about the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers organizational goal of R3: Recruitment, Retention & Reactivation.  Without future hunters acting as advocates for protecting and preserving our public lands they will continue to be threatened and diminished. My hope is this map makes it easier for those interested to find both private and public locations within New Jersey to practice for a clean and ethical shot placement on whatever game animal they pursue.

If you notice any missing locations please share specifics so I can add them to the map.

Fun Fact: The PittmanRobertson Act, passed in 1937, now known as Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration collects revenues generated from an 11% excise tax on firearms and ammunition.  The monies are apportioned to state wildlife agencies for their conservation efforts, hunter education programs, and operation of archery and shooting ranges.


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