Program Instruction


Guide For Hire: Available to deepen your connection to the natural world through immersive outdoor skill offerings.

To inquire about pricing and make a program request outside of Essex County, please contact me at or on Instagram @NatureIntoAction

For Essex County based programs please reach out to me at the Environmental Center.


Program Possibilities Include:

(Top Choice!) WILD ABOUT WILDLIFE: Through inquiry based investigation, participants explore furs, feathers, tracks, scat and miscellaneous bio-facts to uncover and discover unique NJ wildlife and then test their wisdom in a wildlife jeopardy game. Make and take project includes a clay animal track.  In-Person 1hr. $225 (great option for scout meetings and special events)

GARDENING FOR BEES & BUTTERFLIES: David Alexander, conservation biologist and author of Buzz Into Action will explain how the right plants can offer a banquet for bees and butterflies, creatures that enrich our lives with color, beauty and grace and support biodiversity around our homes. Alexander will talk about pollinators you might see in the area and discuss which plant varieties will attract and support them. Virtual or In-Person 1.5hr $150

PRACTICAL ETHNOBOTANY: Discover ten fun projects to engage with common plant and fungus species found within our bioregion. Projects will be discussed through the lens of traditional and modern knowledge, culture and outdoor living skills with conservation biologist, David Alexander.   Presentation to include Elderberry jam and tincture, Sumac Tea, Autumn Olive and Wine berry Fruit Roll-Ups, Pickled Leeks, Wild Teas, Jewelweed Ice Cubes, Hen of the woods Mushroom Jerky and Fried Chicken of the Woods. Virtual or In-Person 1.5hr $150

FORAGING (choose your season of focus): Like gardening at home, foraging helps increase our self reliance, helps deepen our connection to nature and provides exciting ingredients in every meal. Learn to forage local plants and mushrooms from the landscape and discuss ethical harvest and safety protocol like avoiding toxic lookalikes. Virtual or In-Person Presentation, 1hr $200  Added option to cook what we find to make a toastie along with some wild tea from the landscape – add 1hr, $100.  

CAMPFIRE GATHERING: Together we’ll gather tinder, kindling and fuel wood to have some fun with campfire cookery. We may cook fresh caught trout or venison, fry up some wild foraged mushrooms, bake some stick bread bannock and brew up some wild tea. In-Person 2hr $300

FISHING 101: Participants will get introduced to the sport of fishing by professional outdoor guide David Alexander. The workshop will cover local water bodies, targeting specific fish species, fishing equipment, knots, bait selection, and technique. (We can also cover filleting and camp cookery and/or Make and Take your own “Altoids Tin Fishing Tackle Kit” to take home with you!”) Virtual or In-Person 1hr $200

SMALL GAME HUNTING: This lesson is for beginner hunters (18+) or current hunters interested in expanding their current participation. You’ll learn about small game hunting, specifically squirrel hunting, regulations, equipment, techniques, and where to access public hunting areas. We’ll participate in a mentored squirrel hunt and follow-up with cleaning and cooking techniques for the harvest. (must be at least 18 years of age and are required to possess a valid NJ Firearm hunting license, All Around license or apprentice firearm hunting license)

HUNTING, FISHING & FORAGING IN THE GARDEN STATE: Learn what it takes to catch fish, hunt deer and forage wild edibles for culinary delight just miles outside a metropolis. Despite being the most human populated state in the nation, New Jersey has a phenomenal amount of biodiversity and access to open space. We’ll discuss rules and regulations, game management, carrying capacity, sustainability and how we can deepen our personal connection to our natural landscape. Virtual or In-Person 1.5hr $200

OUTDOOR SURVIVAL SKILLS:  Take advantage of the many resources available in the field, forest and stream.  During this exploratory walk we’ll learn to recognize resources that aid in survival with a focus on wild edibles and discuss how they can elevate wild game cooking and bring a deeper connection with our natural landscape.  Whether you’re fishing, hunting or hiking it’s time to smarten up to the “forest groceries” that surround us. Best practices for staying warm and dry during an unintended night in the outdoors will also be covered. In-Person 3+hrs.

INTO THE WILD (Castaway): This workshop covers skills every sportsman should know well. We’ll setup tarp shelter configurations, tie a few knots, examine a first aid kit(fak) and personal survival kit (psk), sharpen knives, explore modern camping gear, discuss fire skills, staying found, water purification and more. In-Person 4hrs $300

WOODCRAFT & CAMPING: With a knife and a few skills you can go from roughing it to smoothing it in no time. In this workshop I’ll discuss and demonstrate how to make and use framed shelters, lash a camp project, create a bucksaw frame, make pot hooks, tent pegs, spoons, feather sticks and splitwood fires. In-Person 4hrs $300

BOW DRILL FRICTION FIRE: We’ll cover the basics of bow drill friction fire from wood and tinder selection to proper form and notching and then work together to make it happen. If time allows, this can be done from the landscape or from previously harvested stocks of wood. If not, friction kits will be fully ready to use. (Tinder bundles will be ignited and extinguished on blacktop or a green grass area if fire danger is of concern. 2hrs Individual lesson $100 or group 2hrs $250.

FUNDAMENTAL FIRE SKILLS: This workshop is designed to introduce multiple methods of fire making. We’ll  practice fire lays, take a look at “fatwood”, explore man-made and natural tinder , discuss the fire chain and have fun trying fire ignition with ferro rods, flint & steel and fire friction. 3hrs $200

TRIP PLANNING: Out of all the skills I’ve learned, one that I enjoy the most is the process of trip planning. There is no better feeling than setting a goal and seeing your planning pay off. Whether you want to paddle and portage to a remote backcountry trout pond, snowshoe to find the best ice-fishing or navigate with map & compass to find a hunting spot, there is a lot to figure out to take your trips to the next level with confidence. I’ll share my process and the level of detail that I search for to make a trip both safe and successful. Top priorities of gear selection, exposure protection, hydration and signaling/navigation will also be discussed. Virtual or In-Person 1.5hr $200

David is a professional naturalist and conservation biologist (  

Participant Feedback

“Wow.  Amazing!  Presenter was extremely knowledgeable and engaging.”

“Very impressive!  Great teacher.  Class was small enough for individual attention.”

“I will likely continue to practice both activities (freshwater fishing and outdoor survival).”

“It was a good combo of classroom and outdoors.  Couldn’t fit much more into the day!”

“Marvelous.  Learned a lot.  Great information.”

“The program was for all ages to understand.  The class met individual needs.”

David Alexander is a professional outdoor guide and conservation biologist.  He enjoys making nature more accessible to people and wildlife.  You can follow him at