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Hello and Welcome.  This is a place for me to share nature related lessons, activities and discoveries – most of which take place around NJ and the Northeast. I hope they encourage a stronger connection with our environment. Please share and comment.I’m a full-time naturalist, conservation biologist, educator and author of Hop Into Action, The Amphibian Curriculum for Grades K-4 and Buzz Into Action, The Insect Curriculum for Grades K -4.

If you would like to contact me for program instruction, presentations, outdoor skill seminars or article writing the best place to reach me is at DavidEthanAlexander@Gmail.com.

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  1. Your books are superb. They have helped my students to learn about the natural world . Your knowledge of the environment,the flora and fauna of our planet.and the ecosystems is able to be clearly imparted because of the excellence of your publications. Thank you, Randy White

  2. Both curriculum guides are fantastic. Credit to NSTA for taking a chance on a young environmental educator. Good luck with the blog. You’ve already got entries dating back to the 1990s, enough to keep us busy for awhile. Blog into Action!

  3. WNP did not know that Hop Into Action was a finalist and winner of those two book awards. You should make sure to advertise those facts on your amazon page and on any literature about the curriculums that you hand out, email, mail, etc.

  4. Just want to say thanks to David and leading lady Natalia for a pleasantly presented, informative site on diverse Nature topics and what I like to call “living close to the ground,” that critical element missing from too many lives, but kept from being lost by work like this. This blog caught my eye because of the Adirondack St. Regis Canoe adventure (I live near there) posted 9/19/2012, and kept me reading all the articles dating back three years. I’ll be back for more. Best wishes for success of your books and all your activities and relationships.

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