Winter Hot Tenting in the Adirondacks at Good Luck Lake


I’ve been reading a lot about winter trekking and hot tenting this past year and finally had an opportunity to get out for a few nights to a place called Good Luck Lake.  We did some ice fishing, snowshoeing, star gazing, a lot of fire wood processing and plenty of camp cookery.  Now I’m back to day dreaming about the next one and hopefully will find the right place to hot tent and pull some trout through the ice!


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We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home; in towns and cities; in shops, offices, stores, banks—anywhere that we may be placed—with the necessity always present of being on time and up to our work; of providing for the dependent ones; of keeping up, catching up, or getting left. “Alas for the life-long battle, whose bravest slogan is bread.”I am talking … to those of the world’s workers who go, or would like to go, every summer to the woods. And to these I would say, don’t rough it; make it as smooth, as restful and pleasurable as you can.” – Nessmuk -Woodcraft & Camping 


Shed Hunting

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White Tailed Deer bucks around New Jersey begin to drop their antlers as early as December or as late as March.  The lack of snow this winter has made shed hunting easier then in years past.  I found a shed on December 31st and recently another on January 29th.  The recent find happened to be a shed from last year that managed to go unnoticed by wildlife looking for a nutritious snack.  I wonder if it was the proximity to the road that left the antler untouched by wildlife?  The antlers are an excellent treat for animals the size of rodents up to coyotes craving calcium.

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