The Nest Seekers by Chris Bickel

Congrats to my friend Chris who recently released a book titled “The Nest Seekers” about a group of citizen scientists that go out to collect data on bird nests. See my review below and click the book to check it out!

Chris’s book “The Nest Seekers” takes students beyond their familiar backyard knowledge of Robin’s nests and further into the exciting and diverse world of birds, birding and bird nests.  The writing cleverly captures both the joy and challenges of citizen science for young readers.  After reading, children will undoubtedly be looking high and low, acting as wildlife detectives the next chance they get to have an outdoor adventure.” –David Alexander

The Nest Seekers by Chris Bickel


  1. Bravo Chris! Can’t wait to read the book and share it with the girls! Hope you will sign our copy!

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