Letterboxing 101

Letterboxing is a form of scavenger hunt where you use clues to find “hidden treasure”. Participants maintain their own booklet where they add stamps from boxes they have visited and they also use their own stamp to leave their mark in the notebook of boxes they have found.  It offers wonderful opportunities to explore new places and find some adventure along the trail.  The box pictured was originally developed for Girl Scout Brownies (Grades 2-3) to earn their Letterboxer (It’s Your Story Tell It) patch.  It is now part of http://www.letterboxing.com and can be found by any park visitor, if they dare to follow the clues.  Direct Link


Essex County Environmental Center Letterbox
Essex County Environmental Center Letterbox

To make your own stamps with a troop of girl scouts and limited time (20 minutes) I recommend using inexpensive foam pads and a pen.  1. Instruct participants to draw their line drawing image backwards on paper first.  Have them hold it up to a mirror to see that it will come out as they want it.  Remember also that the text on the image must be written backwards on the stamp.  2. When ready, it can be redrawn with a pen onto the foam pad. The design should be drawn deep enough so the line art will catch the ink.  3. Next attach it to a large bottle cap and use a scissor to remove the excess material.  4. Press the stamp in ink and give it a try before you hit the trail.  5. Keep your stamp in a small plastic zip bag with an ink pad for protection.

~Good Luck~


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