Take a Story Walk

Take a Story Walk to Encourage Early Learners to Enjoy Literacy, Exercise & Nature!

The story walk movement has taken off full speed since the concept was created and spread around the internet*. Simply purchase two copies of a book so you have both sides of the pages for laminating and posting along a trail. I used velcro and attached the pages to landscaping sticks (20 for $10) so they could be changed up and moved around in the future.

Once you have your story walk setup go ahead and…

Move along and read along with the story! 

Over in the Forest, Come and Take a Peek by Marianne Berkes & Illustrated by Jill Dubin.

Follow the tracks of ten woodland animals but…uh-oh…watch out for the skunk!  Children learn the ways of forest animals to the rhythm of “Over in the Meadow” as they leap like a squirrel, dunk like a raccoon, and pounce like a fox.  They will also count the babies and search for hidden forest animals. Enjoy the story as a delightful introduction to a woodland habitat.

*The StoryWalk™ concept was created by Anne Ferguson and developed in cooperation with the Kellogg Hubbard Library and the Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition. FMI contact Anne. – See more at: http://www.letsgo.org/in-your-community/story-walk/#sthash.qqvgiKiI.dpuf


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