Catching Land Locked Salmon in New Jersey

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Got hooked into some Land-locked Salmon recently. They’d been stocked in the past few years in just a few deep lakes providing an exciting opportunity.  They were hitting on a sinking Rapalla trolled slowly behind the canoe as well as baitfish hooked through the nose with a #6 bait hook, casted out and allowed to swim freely.


Lake Lila, Adirondacks – Whitney Wilderness Canoe Trip


My wife, dog and I took a trip to Lake Lila in the Adirondacks to explore part of the Whitney Wilderness Area.  We portaged in and paddled around the lake exploring the surrounding nature and camping for three nights. I had a chance to have some fun working on my advanced wilderness bushcraft skills as part of Bushcraft USA and also paddle our new kevlar Mad River Explorer Canoe.

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