Autumn Lantern Craft

Families were invited to walk in search of autumn leaves before creating lanterns using glue and balloons.  As they crafted, the story of the Lantern Price was shared. The story that I shared was found at the Sparkle Stories Blog and was written in honor of St. Martin in the spirit of service. In the theme of the story, next time I run the program I’ll ask participants to bring a can of food for donation to those less fortunate.

To make the lantern, tissue paper is applied to a balloon with a brush and watery glue. Small pieces prevent too many wrinkles.  The balloon should not be filled to maximum or it will pop. Heavier duty balloons are recommended to avoid popping. Once a few layers of tissue paper are applied the leaves can be added and then covered with a single layer of tissue paper to seal them onto the balloon. It may take a few days to dry before the balloon can be popped. After punching holes in the side I was able to tie strings to the balloon and hang it from a stick. Battery tea lights help safely light the lantern for a night walk.


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