NJDEP/ANJR Outstanding Achievement in Recycling Education Award

I was recently awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Association of New Jersey Recyclers.

“Since 2010, David Alexander, Senior Naturalist at the Essex County Environmental Center, has been facilitating recycling field trips for students and developing curriculum with the goal of increasing recycling awareness and participation. David’s work has inspired students to adopt stewardship practices, not only within their individual schools, but also in their surrounding communities and natural areas.
David’s curriculum looks at specific data per municipality and allows students to use math to calculate average resident rates of waste disposal and recycling. His knowledge of the local recycling system provides students with an accurate portrayal and understanding of what happens to their waste and recyclables. David Alexander fostered a recycling curriculum that over the last six years has grown into a highly successful program that is authentic and engages students in a way that turns apathy into action.”



and some very sweet thank yous.

To learn about the recycling programs check out the program offerings on the brochure. 


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