I found a Black Bear Skull

While exploring a new forest area I came across the sun-bleached skull and bones of a black bear.  Seems that the voracious appetite of beetles cleaned up the flesh saving me the challenge of using a toothbrush to scrub it clean.  After spraying it down with hydrogen peroxide to rid it of any germs and help continue the whitening process it should make for a nice display piece.

Black Bear Skull
Black Bear Skeleton

Update 8/4/14 – When I found the skeleton above it was missing a lower jaw bone. Walking in another area about 20 miles away I found what I quickly assumed was the lower jaw bone of a bear but thankfully Steve Kirk from the Bushcraft Magazine corrected me in the comments to say it was from a pig.

Black Bear Jaw Bone


  1. I heard bear remains are rarely found in the wild.
    This proves however that they are not impossible
    to find. Thank you for answering my question. I am
    writeing a story and needed to know of any badass
    animal skulls that can be likely found in a forest –
    bear and boar are my contenders. I’m imagining
    a demon who posseses animal skelitons, and
    wanted it to look really good. Pig tusks are
    leathal, but a bear skull looks like a guard
    dog from hell. It’s a tough call, what do
    you think?

  2. Ahh, thanks Steve Kirk. I jumped to conclusions on it based more on the found location than the closer inspection required. I’ll make an update to the page as to not provide false information.

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