I recently had the opportunity to be an educational consultant with Dawn Publications reviewing and providing feedback on Marianne Berkes’s new children’s book “Over in the Forest, Come and Take a Peek”.  The book is now available for purchase with my endorsement.

Marianne’s book allows children to move from passive to active learning as they count and sing and share in the excitement of each new forest animal discovery. Young readers will be delighted with every turn of the page. 
– David Alexander, author, Hop Into Action, The Amphibian Curriculum for Grades K-4 & Buzz Into Action, The Insect Curriculum for Grades K-4.

Over in the Forest by Marianne Berkes

Dawn Publications is a top notch children’s book publisher focusing on nature education.  Some of my favorites include Eliza and the Dragonfly, Pass the Energy Please and Salamander Rain.  http://www.dawnpub.com/