Nature’s Recyclers

I visit a lot of schools to share lessons on recycling. We do many different activities depending on the time allowed and age taught.  We discuss what can be recycled and why, read a story about “the day the trash came out to play”, play litter bits by working together to clean up a mess and putting things in the proper container followed by hitting “the easy button”.We also play a Velcro “How Long Your Garbage Will Last” litter time line game, make recycled paper with blenders and screens, decide on the scenario best for the environment comparing paper and plastic bags (choose canvas), silverware vs. plasticware (choose the spork), paper towels vs. cloth towel (choose to shake dry), reusable coffee/water bottles versus disposable and so on.  We also look closely at green building materials (recycled plumber/etrex boards, recycled glass tiles, recycled tire shingles, recycled clothing carpeting and so on.) The most exciting moment is always focusing on nature’s recyclers and how we can compost food waste to make soil diverting even more waste from the landfill. Bringing out red wigglers and millipedes always makes for a memorable visit for any age classroom.

Visiting Hillside Elementary School, Livingston. West Essex Tribune.
Litter Timeline Game
Litter Timeline Game


How Long Your Litter Lasts Timeline
How Long Your Litter Lasts Timeline                           #Garbage Graveyard



  1. Excellent program. Great pic. The kids seem to genuinely be having fun. You should consider giving a version of this presentation at corporations, law firms, etc. They are the worst offenders. But, good to start em on the right pass while they are young.

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