All educators hear the buzz words “21st century skills” and when it comes to the environment what better place to start than home.  The game linked below makes for a great introductory icebreaker to start a conversation about the value of environmental literacy and connect learning directly to our lives.

Environmental Literacy Bingo

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills describes Environmental Literacy as:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the environment and the circumstances and conditions affecting it, particularly as relates to air, climate, land, food, energy, water and ecosystems
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of society’s impact on the natural world (e.g., population growth, population development, resource consumption rate, etc.)
  • Investigate and analyze environmental issues, and make accurate conclusions about effective solutions
  • Take individual and collective action towards addressing environmental challenges (e.g., participating in global actions, designing solutions that inspire action on environmental issues)

Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights